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vanity led iPhone 5 case

Get Personal With The Vanity LED iPhone 5 Case


Despite all the new talk about the iPhone 6 and its larger 6 Plus brother, those with the iPhone 5 might not be upgrading to the new iPhone and will still need a case to protect their precious smartphone. This is where the Vanity LED iPhone 5 case comes into...


Snow Lizard’s SLXtreme Cases for the iPhone and iPad Are THE Rugged Choice, Protects to Military Spec


There are a wide variety of iPad and iPhone cases that can protect your precious smart device from the daily follies that life brings you.  However, none are probably as rugged and feature rich as Snow Lizards line of iPad and iPhone cases. First up is the SLXtreme 5 for...

TaskOne iPhone Case

TaskOne’s iPhone 5 Case Boasts 22 Built-in Tools


My Boyscout experience was a formidable one.  I never took well to camping outside, especially when the sky was weeping snow or rain to the earth below and ultimately on my head.  However, I did find solace in the wide variety of camping gadgets at my disposal.  And while tents,...

Amazing iPhone Case Side

Retro Game iPhone 5 Case Challenges You to A Physical, Childhood Game


Our brains are officially damaged…by our smartphones.  Take a look around a restaurant, look for the table of one, and I guarantee that you’ll see that person playing on their smartphone for fear of sitting alone and starring aimlessly.  The calm mind is no more and it’s not healthy. To...

Powerskin iPhone 5

Powerskin Battery Case for iPhone 5 Review


The $79 PowerSkin for iPhone 5 provides both a battery boost and a moderate amount of phone protection in a svelte package that minimizes bulk. Additionally it’s an excellent choice for those looking for a battery case that will let the iPhone 5 be synced without having to be removed....

Lighting iPhone 5 Case

Lighting iPhone 5 Case Illuminates To Incoming Calls


There are a million different styles of iPhone 5 cases out there, but this Lighting Case is actually pretty cool and unique. Not only does it protect your phone from drops, accidents and more (a moderate protection that is), it also lights up whenever you get a call or a...

Mophie Juice Pack Air Helium-2

Mophie Juice Pack Helium iPhone 5 Battery Case Price and Launch Date Revealed


It was only last week that we provided you with a list of the 10 best, if not only iPhone 5 battery packs.  It’s a relatively new handset, so the options aren’t as mainstream as I had hoped.  That is until today. Mophie is probably one of the most well...

Calypso Key

CalypsoKey NFC Enabled iPhone 5 Case Opens Compatible Doors (video)


NFC functionality on a smartphone has its utility, though it’s few and far between.  In recent I’ve seen a few Bluetooth devices emerge, specifically speakers such as the Beats Pill, that allow you to pair the two devices by tapping them together.  It’s functionality that is sure not to make...

LifeProof iPhone 5 Case 1

Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case is Waterproof, Dust Proof and Drop Proof

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The reason you got into an iPhone 5 wasn’t just for the admiration of your peers.  It’s a svelte and powerful device.  However, one wrong manuever in the bathroom can lead to a water logged iPhone, which we assure you is not covered by Apple’s warranty.  So if you have...