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AT&T Moves Up iPhone Upgrade Eligibility For 4G Purchasers


Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2010 keynote is only hours away, and it looks like everyone is preparing for the big iPhone 4G announcement — especially AT&T, who is letting users become eligible for a phone upgrade months before they were originally scheduled to. Before you start thinking that AT&T are doing this...


Hackers Working On iPhone OS 4 For The iPhone 2G?


When Apple unveiled iPhone OS 4  a couple months ago, they didn’t exactly publicize the fact that users with 2G iPhones would not be able to upgrade their OS, due to slower processor speeds. One annoyed user did get a personal reply from Steve Jobs, but it was a curt...

4th iPhone number 3

Another 4th Gen iPhone Leaked? (video)


Has Apple managed to lose yet another 4th gen iPhone?  According to this video the answer is ‘yes’.  Aesthetically it looks to be a match to the one Gizmodo scored last month.  As you’ll notice they don’t boot the phone to a working screen.  Instead an image of a fireball...