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Apple Releases “Find My iPhone” App


The “Find My iPhone” app works pretty much exactly as advertised, helping locate your phone using its built in GPS. From the app, you can also lock the phone from use and, if need be, delete all your personal data remotely. The app is a free download from the App...


The iPhone 4 Has 512MB RAM For Multitasking Goodness


Despite Apple being rather tight lipped about the exact CPU and RAM specs for the iPhone 4, MacRumors has verified that the device does indeed have 512MB RAM. That’s twice as much as the 3G, 3GS, and even the iPad. That extra RAM will come in handy with all the...


iTunes 9.2 Released, Needed For iPhone 4


Apple’s rolled out iTunes 9.2 today, an update to the application that’s main purpose is getting it ready for the iPhone 4, with PDF support and faster syncing. Here’s the full list of updates (I’m partial to the album artwork improvements myself): Sync with iPhone 4 to enjoy your favorite...

iPhone 4 Preorder

iPhone 4 Preorders Start Today, Good Luck


The iPhone 4 preorder kicks off today.  But good luck getting through.  Apple and AT&T’s servers are so slammed with preorder madness you’ll likely get a “session expired” (Apple) or “We’re sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us…” (AT&T) message. So, which iPhone will you be...

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iPhone 4 Pre-Orders At Best Buy Start Tomorrow


Well, an official announcement has put an end to the “rumor” part of Best Buy’s iPhone 4 availability. They’ll be stocking Apple’s latest smartphone come June 24th, with preorders starting tomorrow, day and date with Apple. Oh, and they’ll have a leg up on Wal-Mart, whose selling the device but...

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Wal-Mart To Carry iPhone 4 On Launch


Well, it looks like Wal-mart is getting Apple’s newest smartphone for a 0-day launch, a first for Apple. Wal-mart announced today that they’re going to be selling the iPhone 4 on June 24th. Apple sells the iPhone through other vendors, but they usually wait a little while before doing so....


Colored Bumpers Are Apple’s First Official iPhone Case


One less impressive but, in retrospect, interesting part of Apple’s announcements yesterday was the announcement of Bumpers for the iPhone 4, Apple’s first foray into an official case for the iPhone. This follows their official iPad case that came out with the device’s April launch. Constructed out of rubber and...