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iPad Air vs. iPad 2 (comparison)


While we could write an article comparing iPad Air to its most recent predecessors (3rd and 4th Generation iPads), a comparison of the iPad Air to the iPad 2 is much more exciting. And as it turns out, those are the only two models still available from Apple. Besides the...


5 of the Best Features of the New Apple iPad Air (list)


Apple’s new iPad Air hit stores on November 1, 2013. The new tablet boasts “a ton of advanced technology” in a slimmed design with 24-percent reduction in overall volume from previous models. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best features of the iPad Air – most of...

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Retina iPad Mini Now Available in the Apple Store, Starts at $399


Just in case you missed it, Apple’s Retina iPad Mini is now available for purchase. At a glance, the Retina iPad Mini looks identical to its predecessor, save for the slightly thicker “waistline” and a tad bit more weight.  Both of those should be moot concerns, though, especially seeing as...


12 of Some of the Coolest iPad Air Cases (list)

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If you’re going to go out and update your iPad with Apple’s new iPad Air, then you’re going to need a case for it because your old one won’t fit it. To make life easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the best (at least in our opinion) cases currently...


7 Things You Should Know About Bay Trail, Intel’s Upcoming Mobile Silicon (list)


Last month’s IDF in San Francisco revealed more than Intel’s Chromebook-bound Haswell chips. It was there where the company undressed their alluring new Bay Trail. Bay Trail is being marketed as the faster power-rich power-efficient successor to the current Clover Trail silicon. Like Clover Trail before it, Bay Trail will...


How to Create an Eye Mesmerizing Parallax Wallpaper in iOS 7

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The parallax effect in Apple’s iOS 7 was designed to give the phone display a sense of depth, using layers rather than simple drop shadows on icons which can be limiting. That is, at least, what lead designer Jony Ive said he was trying to do with the feature. Ive...

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iPad / iPad Mini: A Closer Look at Three Rumors (and a Bonus One)


Tomorrow Apple is expected to announce the 5th generation iPad and 2nd generation iPad Mini to U.S. consumers.  Already a number of rumors have been confirmed through leaks, and we can pretty much anticipate that both models will be lighter, slimmer and faster.  We’re almost dead sure that both iPads will...

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iPhone 5s First Impressions


‘ve owned an iPhone since the beginning. Well, since eight months after the original released, when a friend sold me his with a giant gash on the top right of the display. It worked perfectly…it just looked like it was dropped one to many times on a spike in the...

Kindle Fire HDX vs iPad Mini

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX vs Apple iPad (spec comparison)


Whether you like it or not, the holiday season is quickly approaching. This year, smartphones and netbooks aren’t going to cut it as they have previously. This year, the thing to have are tablets. Not iPads mind you, but tablets. Tablets galore. It seems that every manufacturer under the sun...

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iPad Bartender Can Measure As You Pour, Helps You Craft the Perfect Cocktail


To put it mildly, automated bartenders are a costly, as well as a complicated endeavor.  Case in point: the Monsieur or the Bartendro.  Fortunately, there is an alternative.  And an alternative that costs just a fraction of the aforementioned models and at the same time negates much of the complexity of...

Space Gray iPad 2013-1

New iPad Images Leaked, Shows a Space Gray Colorway


I guess these are new images of the new iPad and a new colorway (Space Gray) which may be announced in October.  I say guess, because honestly, it’s so damn hard to keep up with what has been leaked already and what is new in terms of leaks. Rumor has...