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Ten One iPad Stand-9615

Ten 1 Magnus iPad Stand Review

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The iPad is not the ultimate business tool. I use it every day, and every day I find another flaw in how it functions compared to a typical laptop. But every day there’s another great app that allows me to use the popular tablet more effectively than before. There isn’t...


Magnus Magnetic iPad Stand

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Getting your iPad to float mid air without wires will take some serious engineering skills and probably a magnetic the size of a car.  And even then we don’t know it would be possible.  So settling for second best, at least in this case, is what we’re willing to do....

Propup iPad Stand

PropUp iPad Stand (video)


The PropUp stand for the iPad looks like a noteworthy product.  But their site sucks huge balls, making it virtually impossible to garner any real information about the product.  There is also a YouTube video, but they’ve once again done a disservice to themselves by running it through some crappy...


PadPivot iPad Stand For Your Leg


They said iPad stand. I thought, hey, looks more like a sattelite dish, but what do I know. And it turned out to be the most useful iPad stand I had laid eyes on. Invented, or designed, if you will, by Jim Young and Bernie Graham, independent designers both, the...

Logix iPad Stand

Logiix Clipstand Is The Smallest iPad Stand


What do you get when you take the tired concept of an iPad stand and improve on one of its more desirable qualities? You get the ultra-small and ultra-portable Clipstand from Logiix, which is made out of plastic and elastic bands and can grip the iPad in both portrait and...


Altec Lansing Octiv Stage iPad Speaker Dock (update)


UPDATED. Altec Lansing’s Octiv Stage makes a bet on being on the simple and understated side of the speaker-dock-for-the-iPad crowd. If you’re of the opinion that a dock for your iPad shouldn’t scream for attention, this gunmetal blue device whose shape is reminiscent of an electronic scale will fit the...


Macintosh Classic iPad Stand Is Totally Retro (video)


Some enterprising Japanese modder has created the Macintosh Classic iPad stand, made from, you guessed it, an old Mac. It’s pretty funny how the size of the iPad allows it to fit within the Mac’s chassis so well. Just goes to show you how far we’ve come in twenty years....