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Logitech Keyoard Case for iPad 2

Logitech iPad 2 Keyboard Unveiled

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Logitech has teamed up with Zagg to create the Keyboard Case for the iPad 2.  The original version, which was built for the first iPad, was called the Zaggmate, a product we reviewed late last year, and included no co-branding.  For the most part we liked what we saw, though...

Crux case

Crux Case Shipping March 10th


Crux Case has been maintaining radio silence since they announced their product, the Crux360, late last year.  In the case (pun intended) you don’t remember, it’s a case that converts your iPad into a netbook like form factor.  The keyboard connects to the iPad via Bluetooth, can act as a stand...

Handstand iPad Case

Handstand iPad Case Review (video) (update)

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[rating:4.5/5] Pros: Facilitates one handed iPad viewing leaving other hand free for control Protects the back and edges of the iPad Easy to use Cons: Expensive for an iPad case Elastic strap is a bit tight on the hand Case is not a snug fit all around UPDATE – SEE...

iSkin Duo And Vu iPad Case Review


When it comes to Apple products I’m a purest at heart.  My Macbook Pro is devoid of any protection (think Malware) and my iPhone sits as raw as could be in my pocket.  And my iPad has largely remained unprotected with the exception of a sleeve from Booq Bags.  So...

iPad Case With Bluetooth Keyboard

iPad Leather Folio With Bluetooth Keyboard


While we wait for the Clamcase for the iPad, Thanko’s version will have to make do.  It’s a leather folio that includes a Bluetooth keyboard.  They say battery life is good for up to 90 hours. You can grab one for about $85. Read...

Solidmicro iPad Case

iPad Battery Case Provides Two Fold Of Power


We’ve seen like a gazillion cases for the iPhone that double as a battery pack.  But now that SolidMicro’s iPad Battery Pack has been brought to our attention we can’t think of a comparable product. By this point you’ve probably figured it out: it’s a case that fits around the...


The FridgePad Sticks Your iPad On, Well, The Fridge


Sure, we’ve seen a million iPad stands by now, but you haven’t seen one that sticks magnetically to places. The FridgePad is an accurately named device that lets you attach your iPad to the refrigerator or anything else made of metal. Think of all the kitchen applications you can use!...


Waterwear Lets You Bring Your iPad Into The Bubble Bath


Want to bring your iPad poolside this summer, but afraid of any unfortunate accidents? The Waterwear may seem like a simple yet effective solution. Japanese company TuneWear invented the device — its plastic housing keeps the iPad completely waterproof, and more importantly, allows the use of the capacitive touchscreen through...


iPad DODO Case Is Hipster Approved


The iPad hit and with it came a tidal wave of carrying cases.  Unfortunately, many of them are probably complete crap with little to no attention to detail.  Additionally, an abundance of them lack the same lifestyle branding that many an iPad owner has worked so hard to achieve.  That’s...