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KL Darts for iPad

iPad Dartboard Game Requires iPhone For Darts


Rooted in complete novelty is the KL Dartboard app for the iPad.  It’s accompanied by an iPhone app. What is it?  Darts.  Yup, darts.  The iPhone app is the dart(s) and the iPad app is the dart board.  You connect the two devices via Bluetooth and “throw” the iPhone at...

1,350 iPad Apps Leaked In Video (video)


[GR]kZ_sKg0tmQE[/GR] Getting an iPad on the 3rd? Can’t wait to see what apps you want to buy for it once it arrives? Basically, do you have a lot of free time, enough to see 1,350 apps? Okay, cool. Appadvice has accessed Apple’s servers and found all the apps set for...


Netflix And ABC iPad Streaming Video Apps Leaked


The iPad’s arrival is imminent, and screenshots are being leaked out at a rapid pace that purport to show a variety of apps for the device. Of particular interest are ones from Netflix and ABC that would offer streaming video over WiFi. Watching free episodes of LOST and Netflix’s thousands...