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6 Free Weather Apps for iPad


On the lookout for free weather aps that you can bring up on your iPad? Here’s a selection of app rich with information and surprisingly artistic in how they portray the details about weather in your area.   1. Wunderstation Wunderstation is the latest iPad weather app created by Weather...

duet app

Duet: Use Your iPad As an Extra Mac Display


Adding an extra display to your work space increases productivity by up to 48%, which is why some ex-Apple engineers have created Duet, an app that allows you to use your iPad or iPhone as an extra display for your Mac using the Lightning or 30-pin cable. The only thing...

AVID for ipad

Avid Studio Releases Video Editing App for iPad


Avid has provided an special Avid Studio app for the iPad that is supposed to complement its AVID Studio on desktop PCs. It’s classified as a “prosumer” app and will supposedly do most things desktop editing suites can do, but it really won’t be able to execute on everything. Some...

Disney Cars App

Disney Cars 2 Appmates for iPad (video)


The days when kids head outside and play are officially over.  And who do we have to thank for that?  Disney. Okay, so that’s complete hyperbole, but when you get a load of their Appmates Mobile Application Toys you’ll start to understand what we’re getting at. The car toys are...

Griffin Stompbox

Griffin Stompbox Puts The Controls At Your Toes


For most, the iPad satiates one’s need for watching videos, surfing the net and other sorted activies.  But for others its range of capabilities are much more alluring, especially for those cut from the cloth of a musician. The Stompbox from Griffin works in tandem with Frontier Design’s iShred LIVE...