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iPhone Lightning Connector

21 iPhone 5 Lightning Accessories Available Today (list)


Apple recently launched their new Lightning connector for with their latest iOS products like the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPod Touch (5th generation), which is the first time they changed the dock connector in 9 years. Before, it used to be the universal 30-pin connector, but now that new products...

Sprint iPad Mini

iPad Mini and iPad Retina with 4G LTE Go On Sale Tomorrow at Sprint, Limited Quantities


We didn’t think Sprint, the NOW Network, would be the first to nab the 4G enabled iPad Mini and iPad 4, but that’s exactly what the history books will show. Starting tomorrow, as in Friday the 16th, Sprint will sell both tablets to Sprint customers, though according to the carrier...


iPad Mini Meta Review


What once seemed like the stuff of myth, is now a reality you can hold in a single hand. The equally priced yet definably diminished iPad Mini is upon us. The thing has been rumored since the launch of the original iPad. Our own investigative digital sleuth, James has delved...

iPad 4 vs Nexus 10

Google Nexus 10 vs iPad (4th Generation) (Comparison)

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Apple goes small with the iPad mini after years of the company stating the 9.7″ device is the only good tablet size; Microsoft gets into hardware game after years of saying it won’t do that (but lying time and time again through ventures like Xbox and Zune, not that we’re...

iPad 4

Apple iPad 4 with Retina Display Revealed, Includes New Processor


What we didn’t expect was Apple to announce a new, full sized iPad.  But that’s exactly what they did.  And instead of just updating the iPad 3 with a Lightning connector and calling it a day, they’ve bumped the internals as well as the display just leaving the existing form...