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Logitech Keys-To-Go_Coffee Spill_Red

Keys-To-Go Lets You Type on the Move, Ignores Spills


Have you ever wanted a universal keyboard to tote everywhere, like a mix between a remote controller and a lapdog? Then Logitech has your new dream device with its Keys-To-Go, an ultra-slim keyboard designed to fit in your bag and operate all Apple products within reach. At first glance, the...


PhotoMath Does Your Math Homework


I hated math in high school, which many can relate. So I seriously wish PhotoMath was around back then to help me with all my math homework problems. Although current teachers might despise the new app that uses your phone’s camera to solve math problems, students across the globe are...


iSketchnote Digitalizes Your Drawings and Notes


Artists and creative types know how important it is to carry around their sketchpad with them since inspiration can strike at any moment. However, many would like to save their hardcopy sketches on their devices, which isn’t always easy to do unless you scan it. But the iSketchnote wants to...

iRing main

IK Multimedia iRing Review


ouch screens have spoiled most of us when it comes to interacting with our devices — after all, isn’t touching an icon simpler and quicker than having to tap it with a stylus? But lost in all this is the desire that preceded all this — what I call “Abracadabra”,...

ipad 4 keyboards

7 iPad 4 Keyboards 2014 That Make Typing A Breeze (list)


For times when the onscreen keyboard on your iPad 4 just isn’t cutting it, it’s good to have a keyboard handy for those serious typing sessions. An external keyboard offers lots of tactile advantages that real keyboards provide without sacrificing the convenience of using an iPad. Many external keyboards come...

iOS 8

10 Excellent Features Introduced in the latest iOS 8 (list)


Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2014 has kicked off in style, with the Cupertino-giant unveiling it’s upcoming mobile operating system dubbed as iOS 8. While the design is almost the same as iOS 7 except a few new animations, Apple has introduced many new features and enhancements to make the...

Wahoo scale main

Wahoo Fitness Balance Smartphone Scale Review


here are times when technology doesn’t seem to be needed: hairbrushes don’t need to be networked and forks don’t need electric motors driving moving parts. So where’s the value in upping the game of the lowly weight scale — especially since most people wish they had never stepped on it...