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iPhone 6 & Macbook

How To (And Why You Should) Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPad


Jailbreaking your iOS device opens the door to possibilities that just aren’t available by default. Apple runs a pretty tight ship, and because of the closed ecosystem, the customization options afforded to Android device users just aren’t there with Apple products. Of course, some would argue this leads to a...

iPhone 5s-0129

Apple iPhone 5s Review


When it comes to the iPhone, every review since the 3G has exclaimed one thing: this is the best iPhone yet. And it should go without saying that enough changes and improvements have been made so that the newest models is, in fact, the best. If that didn’t happen, it...

iOS 7 jailbreak

iOS 7 Jailbreak Available (video)

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There’s a new iOS7 Jailbreak finally available thanks to the Evasion team! You’ll be able to get all your favorite jailbreak features back on your iOS device. The jailbreak includes step-by-step screen shots and a helpful reminder to make sure you back up your device before you attempt the jailbreak....

Touch ID

6 Important Things to Know About iPhone 5s Security (list)


1. The First Hack and Update Apple says they designed the iOS platform “with security at its core,” and the iPhone 5s released last September implemented a new security feature called the Touch ID Sensor. The Touch ID Sensor allows quicker access to the phone without having to enter a...


How to Turn Off The Parallax Wallpaper Effect in iOS 7


Apple’s parallax effect in iOS 7 gives the illusion of looking under the application icons, giving the phone display a sense of depth not seen in previous iOS updates. But the parallax effect is not for everyone, and some have even complained it makes them a bit dizzy. Others have...

iPhone 5s-0045

iPhone 5s First Impressions


‘ve owned an iPhone since the beginning. Well, since eight months after the original released, when a friend sold me his with a giant gash on the top right of the display. It worked perfectly…it just looked like it was dropped one to many times on a spike in the...


How to Cure iOS 7 Motion Sickness (video)

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We’re gluten for smartphones.  Take a look around.  If you don’t see a friend, co-worker, or family member using one in the next 5-minutes, run.  Run very fast, because the zombie apocalypse is upon you. In all seriousness, smartphone use is exploding and it is getting out of control.  In...