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Mantis Hexapod

Mantis is Here The Real-Life Driveable Hexapod (video)

- - 0 Comments Working with game developers, software engineers and comic book creators can often lead to some incredibly geeky conversations, like who would win a fight Captain America vs. Wolverine? or Which console stays crunchier in milk, Xbox 360 or PS3? How about the viability of introducing mechanized exosuits or “mechs”...

Wound Device

Get Better Faster With This $3 Wound Recovery Device


What the ‘F’!  I had no clue that applying negative pressure (i.e. suction) to a wound, yeah those things that bleed, could cause it to accelerate the healing process.  Now an MIT student – they’re taking over the world, wait that already happened – has developed a system that is...


Teens Invent Solar Panels Made From Hair

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Solar Panels are just one wave of the future, but their cost has long negated their existence, especially in 3rd world countries.  Now a set of teenagers hailing from Nepal say they have invented a solar panel that is made from human hair. The hair infused solar panels can produce...