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HP Envy Spectre

HP Envy Spectre XT Notebook PC

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The new HP Envy Spectre XT is touted as more than just your average notebook and is being touted as being designed like “no other PC on the planet.” For the new device, HP pushed the boundaries of design and engineering. The seamless integration of an incredible tough and lightweight...


Sony October 12 Launch Might Get Google Appearance


After various leaks having pinned the arrival of Google TV sometime around the middle of October, now Sony is spreading invites to an October 12 launch event in New York. Everyone already knew Sony would deliver Bravia Internet TV’s as well as Blu-ray players, both with Google TV integration, so...


Intel Unveils New Tablet & Netbook Processor


Yesterday, Intel held its 2010 investor meeting, and they used the opportunity to launch full-scale attacks at the iPad with two new products — a dual-core netbook and tablet concept. Intel VP Mooly Eden touted their tablet concept (nothing officially announced yet) as featuring USB & SATA inputs, allowing printer...

Intel Lightpeak

Intel’s Blazing Fast Light Peak Technology Makes Its Hands-on Debut


If Intel has its way, we’ll soon be transferring pretty much anything digital with the power of light. The company recently showed off their Light Peak technology at a research showcase in Brussels, Belgium, and it’s looking mighty fast. Light Peak can transfer data bidirectionally at 10GB/sec using tech based...

Intel Reader

Intel’s Reader Can Read Any Physical Book (video)


Sure, Intel is primarily a chip maker, but every once and a while they throw us a product curve ball.  The Reader (yup, that’s what it’s called) is a handheld device that can literally read aloud the text of a physical book.  It’s intended use is for the physically blind...


Samsung’s New X Series–Oneupsmanship


You’ve got to hand it to the folks at Samsung.  Just yesterday, Sony pops up with its X series line of laptops.  Today, it’s Samsung’s turn to exhibit an X series line of laptops. If you were to say that Samsung’s playing a serious round of copycat with their X...