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iPad Piano

iPad Piano Hopes To Excel Learning


We have a sneaking suspicion that isn’t the first iPad compatible piano to hit the market, and in all likelihood nor will it be the last. From the minds of Ion Audio comes the Piano Master, a 49-note keyboard complete with midi support.  Includes is a 1/8-inch headphone jack input, speakers, sustain...

Wireless Guitar Pickup

Small Ass Rechargeable, Wireless Guitar Plug


Wireless guitar plugs and adapters have been around since for, like, forever.  But most require a belt like holster to support their bulky and cumbersome size.  So leave it to the folks at Thanko to sell a system that is small enough to jack directly into the guitar’s 1/4-inch plug. ...


Starpex Guitar For Guitar Hero & Rock Band Now Available


Guitar Hero and Rock Band’s flimsy plastic guitars have limited mileage, especially if there’s booze and beer involved.  Enter the Starpex Guitar for Rock Band and Guitar Hero on the PS3 and PS2.  It’s crafted from wood with a high gloss finish and manufactured by a ‘leading guitar manufacture’, so...