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iTar: iPad Guitar (video)


Since their inception, the iPad and iPhone have been transformed, thanks to an array of apps, into a variety of instruments.  But despite the touchscreen of these device’s boasting an unparalleled sensitivity not found in other handsets and tablets, they still lack the visceral experience many a musician have come...

Light Pick Full

Light Pick LED Guitar Pick (video)

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One look at the Light Pick and you’d think it’s a one trick pony. But not true.  This handy guitar tool not only adds a cool effect that will surely wow any audience, but boasts some tech that makes it a worthy $25 investment. While we can’t comment on the...


Paper Jamz: Just Another Non-Instrument For The Untalented Massess


At one inch thick, Paper Jamz guitars from Wowwee don’t have any actual strings.  They use an innovative and proprietary that allows you to strum the non-existent strings to produce one of three pre-loaded licensed tracks.  Each of the available 6 guitars will have 3 modes of play:  Perfect Play...