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Teens and Mobile Phones 1

Interesting Infographic on Teens and Mobile Phones

Cell phones (or really smartphones) are practically a necessity in today’s culture and parents have their work cut out for them if they have a teenager at home that’s always on their  cell. Teens are vulnerable and can easily develop dangerous cell phone habits or even get caught up in...

Instagram Filter Infographic

Instagram Infographic Breaks Down Its User Types


Instagram to some has democratized photography, whereas to others (professional photographers) it’s bastardized the art form.  Take it or leave it, 40 million Instagram pics are posted every day and with that millions of photos are “filtered”, lending an artistic assist to boring snap shots. So what does your favorite...


Star Trek vs. Star Wars Infographic


The debate versus Star Trek and Star Wars flicks will probably last until the end of time, but this new ultimate infographic really helps put things in perspective when it comes to the iconic sci-fi franchises. It pits them against each other using categories, such as domestic box office gross, facebook followers...

The Rise of Mobile Devices Invades the Minds of Employees


There is a movement in America that is quietly rising, nearly unnoticed but still ever-present. As mobile devices invade every aspect of our lives, the workforce is feeling both the desire and the capabilities of working without being in the office. Devices give us the capabilities to do more than...