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Meet Olive, A Bracelet To Help You Manage Your Stress

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Wearable technology is gaining popularity day-by-day, allowing us to perform our daily tasks such as checking emails, SMS, and other notifications from our wrist with a help of a number of smartwatches available in the market. Well, Olive is another wearable, a bracelet actually, which caters a totally different purpose– it...


Mota SmartRing Delivers Notifications To Your Fingertips


Smartwatches are gaining popularity among the masses, but let’s just be honest, they are not for everyone. Some people don’t like wearing watches — which includes me as well — while others have replaced the traditional watches with a smartphone. Those of you who do like smartwatches, but are holding...


The Zen Thermostat Is Smart and Beautiful


Home devices shouldn’t be ugly. Instead, they should work add to your home’s decor, which is exactly what the Zen thermostat will do. The smart thermostat will look beautiful on your wall and is so simple to use. Its LED screen provides uses with clear and simple feedbacks, showing just...