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Ritot Watch

Ritot Watch Projects Alerts On Your Hand (video)

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We’ve become a technology obsessed society, always looking for ways for tech to change our lives. The Ritot Watch wants to eliminate the need to have to pick up your phone or even glance down at your smartwatch to see who’s calling by projecting alerts on your hand. The first...

PulseOn heart rate monitor

PulseOn Redefines The Heart Monitor (video)


Get the most from your training without the uncomfortableness of bulky chest belts with the PulseOn heart monitor that accurately and reliably measures everything from your rest.  Thanks to its proprietary optical heart rate sensor technology and sophisticated algorithms, you’ll be able to analyze your hear rate in a wide...


CreoPop Is A 3D Pen Without The Burning Risk

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As 3D printing and desktop manufacturing become more common, 3D pens are going to be in more and more workshops and desk drawers. So why not, argues CreoPop, use the one designed to offer all the benefits, and none of the potentially agonizing burns? 3D Without Heat 3D pens are...