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Rocketbook: Cloud-Integrated Reusable Notebook Erases Via Microwave


Get ready to have your mind blown with this creative new invention. Introducing Rocketbook, a cloud-integrated reusable notebook that erases itself when microwaved. Yes, you read that right, and no, this isn’t technology straight out of The Jetsons. The Rocketbook allows users to send written notes to the cloud, has organization options,...


The Proscan Claims To Be Able To Scan Your Food


Not unreasonably, most of us want to know, as much as possible, what we’re putting in our bodies. However, doing so with any precision is beyond the capabilities of most of us. Which is where, in theory, the Proscan comes into play. Scan This The Proscam claims that all you...


Bluewire: The Hands-Free Call Recording Solution


If you’re looking to make your Bluetooth headset even geekier, check out Bluewire, the world’s smartest Bluetooth headset call recorder. Yes, it records both sides of your important conversations easily and stores the recordings securely through your phone, but it does way more than just that. The Bluewire app can...


Enko Is The Next Generation Of Running Shoes (video)


Athletic shoes have come a long way since they were first invented, being lighter and providing more comfort than ever. While the running shoe alway kept its same form, the Enko is something totally different. Looks Sort Of Robotic The Enko’s sole is anything but normal and actually looks like it...

Mint breathometer

Mint: A Breathometer for Breath Quality and Hydration


Sometimes I think we’re all getting just a little out of hand with the devices we think we need. There seems to be a new, seemingly frivolous device for just about everything. Soon, we will have a device for our devices. But the market saturation of unnecessary “smart” products isn’t...


Indiegogo Offers Crowdfunding Insurance for Backers


Crowdfunding site Indiegogo is starting to rolling out optional insurance for its backers, a feature of crowdfunding sites that investors have been looking forward to for a long, long time. The trouble is that not all projects go through: Some fail in the face of copyrights, some drown in details,...

petalite flux

Charge All Your Devices In Just 15 Minutes


Waiting forever for your phone to charge can be a drag, especially when you don’t have a lot of time and need your phone to bet as much juice as possible. What if you can charge your stuff in just 15 minutes? That would be mazing, right? Well the people...