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Incase Reflex Headphones Review


Incase is a brand that has long been associated with laptop and iPhone cases.  But recently the company expanded its horizons into the world of headphones.  And while some might be apprehensive given their aforementioned core offering, you can rest assured, as I was, because their Reflex Headphones deliver superb audio quality...

Macbook Accessories 2011

Top 10 MacBook Air Accessories (list)


Apple just keeps on making their already stellar products even better with every version they release and their MacBook Air is no different. Touted as the “everyday notebook,” the new MacBook Air that recently came out in June is even faster and more powerful than before, while still remaining incredibly...

Incase 13" Neoprene Sleeve - 08

Incase 13-inch Macbook Air Neoprene Sleeve Review


[rating: 3.5/5] So here’s the deal.  You’ve got a new 13-inch Macbook Air.  You don’t wanna scratch it. You could opt for Incase’s Perforated case, which I just reviewed.  However, that case doesn’t really protect the svelte laptop from dings and drops, since it’s attached to its body and as...

Incase Flex Wristband

Incase Flex Wristband for iPod Nano


The Flex Wristband from Incase isn’t the freshest of ideas – we’ve seen a number of iPod Nano wristbands – but it most certainly might be the hippest.  The band, as the name suggests, flexes to fit just about any wrist size despite the fact that it’s made from steel....

Incase Headphones

Incase Headphones: Minimalism with Opulence


There aren’t too many companies that have minimalism nailed, Incase however is one of those.  Today the company, which largely makes cases (hence the name) announced a new line of headphones that are sleek, light weight and opulently simple. The Capsules are an ear bud affair that sport an oval...

Go Incase Snap Battery Case

InCase Snap Battery Case Is The iPhone 4’s Slimmest


Another day another iPhone 4 battery case.  Pinned as the slimmest battery case for iPhone 4, the Snap Battery Case features a 900 mAh battery and durable hardshell construction to protect the handset.  On the back are a set of LED lights to convey battery life, while a switch controls...

Incase Courier Backpack

Incase Messenger Backpack

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Incase’s newest addition to their courier collection is the Messeneger Backpack.  It’s made of a weather resistant 1680D nylon, has a bike lock storage strap and an extra wide mouth for stuffing your 17-inch Macbook into the faux-fur lined notebook compartment.  You can grab one now for $150. Other features:...


Incase Perforated Snap Case


I’m a firm believer in brandishing an iPhone in the raw.  What I mean by that is that no case should be added.  But of course, then Incase goes and intros the Perforated Snap Case and totally throws me a curve ball.  Just like the pair of Clae sneakers I...