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The PillCam Will Make Middle Age Less Humiliating


As we age, there are many indiginities visited upon us for the sake of our longer-term health. Ask anybody who’s been told that they’re getting a colonoscopy how, precisely, that makes them feel. But fortunately, science can also figure out ways to spare our dignity, which is where the PillCam...


360Fly Camera Shoots Big And Broad


Video technology is proceeding at a truly staggering pace. There are cameras that cram ridiculous resolution and high quality into tiny, tiny spaces. And, of course, panoramic video is becoming more and more commonplace. But the 360Fly is attempting to take it to a new level. The World In A...


Squito Might Just Be The Best Throwable Camera


Throwable cameras are important, and not just because it’s a lot of fun to huck a camera at something to see what you can get for a picture. Rescue personnel can use them to get a fuller picture of what’s going on in, say, a collapsed building. Journalists can use...