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Apple Updated Its iMacs Today With Zero Fanfare


The iMac is, despite no longer being the belle of the Apple product ball, still around, still selling, and still getting some attention, albeit less than its flashier, smaller cousins, or the new trashcan on the block. But at least it’s still getting updated. Here’s what Apple has tucked in...


The iMac Gets Upgraded With i-Series Processors


Apple’s iMac line also got upgraded in today’s refresh, the first since last fall, with the biggest addition being the  i-Series of Intel processors (Core i3, i5, and i7) and an SSD option on the 27-inch model. They also added ATI’s Radeon HD 5750 as the GPU. They’re available now starting...


Apple Site Now Refreshed With New iMacs

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Anytime the Apple page goes down it’s always a nice feeling knowing that new products will soon be displayed.  On sale now are fresh new 21.5″ and 27″ iMacs of various specifications and ranging in price from $1200-$2000 depending on what your needs are. Now included with these new iMacs...