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iMac Refresh Coming Soon?


It’s not a question of if but when Apple will refresh their line of iMacs.  Now a report by way of 9to5Mac indicates that Apple will probably begin shipping an updated version of the all-in-one computer, which is said to include Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt connectivity, in the...

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review


Explaining why a keyboard is good or bad is a unique challenge, compared to other products. How a keyboard is isn’t a scientific study. Instead, it’s entirely based on feel and functionality, and ultimately, the keyboard that’s right for you will nine out of ten times be based solely on...

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Apple Patent Reveals A Touchscreen iMac


A website called PatentlyApple has uncovered, you guessed it, patents for a touchscreen iMac. The patent covers a multi-touch interface for Apple’s all-in-one, including an orientation sensor. Thre’s been rumors of an OSX/iOS combination for a few months now. Of course, this is a patent, so be aware that this...

touchscreen imac

Gadget Rumor: Touchscreen iMac, To Run OS X And iOS


Rumors of a touchscreen iMac surfaced today.  Word is that it will run both OS X and a version of iOS (the iPhone/iPad software).   If true, Apple is set to hold a special event to announce the new product/iteration within the next 60 days.  Course, you could just drop some...

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iMac iPhone Dock


The iMac has seen at least three different designs in the last 10 years, but the one that I hold close to my heart had the articulating swing arm built-in.  This iPhone/iPod speaker replaces the monitor for a 30-pin dock and takes the unorthodox approach of using whatever surface you...


The Rail To Help De-Clutter Your iMac Wires

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Organization is the foundation to a happy and productive workspace.  To help with that comes The Rail for the Apple iMac.  Basically a toothbrush holder for your cavalcade of wires, it attaches easily to the back of your iMac stand.  Constructed from steel with a polished nickle finish.  You can...

Troll Touch Announces Touchscreen iMacs (video)


[GR]lRrWEZXaqH4[/GR] If you’re still pining after a touchscreen Mac and can’t hold out any longer for the long rumored Apple Tablet computer, well, you’re in luck, kind of.  More like in debt considering the prices I’m about to tell you about. Troll Touch, whose apparently been outfitting Macs with touch...