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iLuv iMM747

iLuv iMM747 iPad Dock Stereo System


At this point in the game it would be pretty remiss of iLuv if they didn’t release some sort of desktop system specifically for the iPad. With that said here is the iLuv iMM747, a stereo speaker dock built specifically for the iPad.  As expected it has a 30-pin dock...


iLuv Micro USB Car Charger Keeps Your Gadgets Happy


The iLuv Micro USB Car Charger is pretty self-explanatory, charging any USB device you might own via your car’s cigaratte lighter port. It’s small size has a trade-off, though, since it charges only one USB port at a time. But if you want a small, compact option for replenishing those...

iLuv’s App Station iMM190 Now Available For Purchase


iLuv’s App Station iMM190 is now available for purchase, which we last saw at CES.  It includes a unique application called “iLuv App Clock” that transforms your iPhone into an alarm clock and displays the current weather conditions.  A set of powerful speakers let you listen to your favorite tunes...

iLuv iPad

iLuv’s Bevy Of New iPad Gear


In what is no surprise to any of us, the first wave of iPad accessories from iLuv has arrived.  With standard aesthetic flare, iLuv has an impressive amount of gear to choose from.  From conservative to flamboyant, the entire iPad iLuv line will be available for purchase in February. ...


iLuv iMM153 iPod Dock Clock With Bed Shaker


For those of you who love pressing snooze for a good hour before rising but wish you had better willpower, enter the iLuv iMM153.  All the normal clock dock functions apply here with the exception of the bed shaker.  The product page doesn’t really divulge how it works exactly so...


iLuv Intros i1166 9-inch Portable DVD Player With iPod Dock

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What kind of day would it be without yet another iLuv announcement.  Seriously iLuv, your wearing out your welcome.  Without further a due I present to you the i1166.  It’s basically a portable DVD player with a 9-inch screen, but includes an iPod/iPhone dock, media card reader and USB input. ...


iLuv iHD171: An HD Radio With An iPod/iPhone Dock


iLuv doesn’t look to be impacted by the economic downturn. Today they unveiled yet another new product for ’09, and I gotta say, I like what I’m seeing. At a glance, the iLuv iHD171 appears to be your garden variety bedside alarm clock with iPod dock. But wait there’s more!...