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iRig - 1

Exclusive: iRig And Amplitube For The iPhone Review


Amplitube has alway been widely recognized as a premier tone shaping plug-in and stand alone application that has pretty much become synonymous with all things associated with digital recording.  IK Multimedia has now taken their tried and true GrooveMaker formula and applied it to Amplitube.  Aimed at guitarists and bass...


GrooveMaker For The iPad Now Available


As appropriately predicated, the iPad is going to be absolutely stellar when it comes to music apps.  The first iPad specific mobile loop remixing app I’m seeing is the GrooveMaker from IK Multimedia.  Raising the price from $5 to $10, working with the beats and samples will be that much...


IK MultiMedia’s GrooveMaker Hip-Hop For The iPhone/Touch Review


IK Multimedia has long been known for their music software.  I have used their Amplitube plug-in for countless recordings and I even have their new Amplitube Metal plug-in for Pro Tools. The GrooveMaker from IK Multimedia is a simple yet intuitive groove based music arrangement application for your iPhone or...