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iHome iPad Dock

Finally, iHome Makes An iPad Dock


iHome and iPod Docks go together like peanut butter and jelly — except there’s lots of different versions of that specific alarm clock sandwich. Now, iHome is trying to plus-size things a little with their first iPad dock. The iHome iA100ZE is trying to use the iPad’s unique capabilities, though,...

iHome iA5

iHome iA5 App-Enhanced Alarm Clock Speaker Dock


There’s certainly no shortage of bed side iPhone alarm clocks.  Trailing on the coat tails of iLuv’s App Station is iHome’s iA5 app enhanced alarm clock speaker.  Much like other iPhone alarm clocks you can wake to your iPhone’s media, charge the handset, plug in any device via a 3.5mm...

iHome iP2

iHome Announces Mid End iP2 iPhone Dock


Early last year iHome launched the iP1, a stylish high end iPhone/iPod docking system that boasted their patented Bongiovi Acoustic Digital Power Station technology.  One problem, though: it cost $300.  So iHome went back to the drawing board and came up with the iP2.  Though it lacks the same luster...


iHome Goes Dual Dock, Launches The iP88G


iLuv has been all over the dual docking desktop radios for sometime now, but that hasn’t stopped iHome from jumping on board the band wagon.  Today the company announced the iP88G Dual Docking Station for the iPhone and iPod.  It features their patented Reson8 technology as well as 3 alarms,...


iHome Intros The iH24S Flip Back Alarm Clock


When it comes to announcing new products lately, iHome has been pretty mum.  Set for release in May for $60, the iH24S is a travel alarm clock that features an iPod dock and a ‘flip back’ that doubles as a sheath for the face of the device and a stand...


iHome Unveils 2009 Products, iP1 Star Of The Show

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Stating that iHome is hitting the ground running when it comes to CES 2009 might be an understatement. Today they blasted out a handful of products and leading the way is the iP1 iPhone/iPod dock with 100 watts of power and 4” woofers and 1” silk dome tweeters.  Check the...


iHome iH15W: A Translucent Stereo With Colored LED Lights


What? Can't choose the best color to compliment the drapes. No problem, because iHome's iH15W stereo system with built-in iPod dock features a translucent cabinet that can completely change color thanks to built-in LED lights. Includes iHome's patented Reson8 stereo speakers and passive subwoofer....