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iHome IDM11 Review


With everyone and their mother getting in to the ultra portable speaker scene, it should come as no real surprise that iHome has joined the fray.  In this generation where tablets and smartphones are the norm, the ultra portable speaker allows one the ability to share their music (or podcast,...

iHome iW2

iHome iW2


If iHome’s iW1 is a bit too rich for your blood – it originally retailed for $299, but sells for about $60 less now – then perhaps you might consider the iW2.  It’s not only cheaper than its big brother, but smaller and perhaps easier to use since it boasts...

iHome iw1-large

iHome iW1 Review


Thanks to Airplay, Apple’s wireless streaming tech, you can now play the contents of  your iOS device on your TV or speakers without having to dock it.  However, a drawback to many Airplay compatible devices is that their location is fixed, which all but reflects the convenience of the tech....

ihome idm5

iHome idM5 Keyboard Speaker System (CES)


The tablet computer has all but replaced the laptop for many, many people.  Solidifying this notion is iHome with the unveiling of the idM5 at this year’s CES.  What is it?  In short order, a full sized Bluetooth keyboard and speaker system in one.  If you take a closer look...


iHome iW4


To a large degree iHome’s success has largely been built upon Apple’s iOS devices.  And it doesn’t look like the company is about to change their strategy any time soon since they just announced plans for a slew of new iPod and iPad ready devices.  Taking the cake, at least...


iHome iP4 Boombox


During the 80s the Boombox was one of the hippest audio devices on the market.  That and the Sony Walkman.  It was composed of an FM/AM radio, tape deck and a set of over sized speakers that produced enough sonic boom to hopefully set off a dance party.  It was...

iHome iA63

iHome iA63 Review


[rating: 4/5] iHome’s iA63 is a stereo speakered alarm clock with a 30-pin dock.  It’s compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch (it is not compatible with the iPad), and includes a motorized dock that rotates from portrait to landscape mode at the touch of a button.  It sports a...

iHome SD63

iHome SD63 Retro Headphones


Retro is in.  Always has been and always well be.  Take for instance classic cars.  A 60s Mustang will forever hold its value.  And lets not forget about the music.  It will forever have a place in everyone’s hearts, old or young.  And as it turns out, the fine folks...

iHome idm70

iHome Announces iDM70 Speaker Sleeve


iHome, which is no stranger to CES, says they’ve got a handful of new products set for demo at this year’s conference.  Most notable of the bunch is the iDM70.  It’s a protective sleeve that incorporates a NXT flat-panel speaker and a rechargeable battery.  The case is made from faux...

iHome iA100

iHome iA100 iPod, iPhone And iPad Audio System Review


[Rating: 3/5] Pros: Works with the iPad iHome+Sleep app provides enhanced features Quick and easy setup Cons: Docked iPhone interferes with radio reception Just so-so sound quality for $200 Plagued with a few bugs UPDATED.  iHome bills their iA100 as their flagship bedside solution, and given the feature set I’d...

air play speaker

iHome Announces Portable Speaker With Apple’s Airplay Tech


At Wednesday’s press event, Apple unveiled lots of music-related goodness, including their new AirPlay technology. AirPlay is an attempt to make wireless iTunes music streaming painless by integrating the technology into third-party speakers and sound systems. Already, iHome has teased an upcoming portable speaker that will use the technology. A...