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Touch Sreen
Ideum MT50 Bowling Ball
Ideum MT50 Bowling Ball
Ideum MT50 Bowling Ball

12lb Bowling Ball And Hammer Attacks Ideum’s MT-50 Touch Table (video)

How tough is your touch table?  In an attempt drum up some press about Ideum's MT-50 Multiouch Table they dropped a 12lb bowling ball from a height of 2 feet onto its surface as well as smash it with 4.6lb hammer.  Result?  No ...

Ideum’s 100-inch Touchscreen Table Shows Off EM Spectrum Science Stuff (video)

[GR]OMEqMyrivRk[/GR] How do you impress all the folks that have seen their fair share of Microsoft Surface tables?  Simple, you build your own version that is about twice the size and displays the visual representation of the E...