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What Google’s Planning For Google Glass


Google Glass is still a hard product to get your hands on, not least because Google is limiting the supply. But increasingly it’s looking like we’re going to get a shot at Glass as a consumer product sooner rather than later, and Google wants to ensure we’ve got the necessary...


Squito Might Just Be The Best Throwable Camera


Throwable cameras are important, and not just because it’s a lot of fun to huck a camera at something to see what you can get for a picture. Rescue personnel can use them to get a fuller picture of what’s going on in, say, a collapsed building. Journalists can use...


Gadget Design: Faceless Watch


Watch design is always a good post.  Today’s cool watch idea comes from Jihun Yeom and uses colored lasers to display the current time.  The red laser denotes minutes and the blue one shows hours.  This would be useful as a pair of goggles too. What do you think?  Tight...


The Ooma Bowl – Double Chamber Ceramic Bowl


Now you can have your porridge and your gruel.  In a design we probably should have seen years if not centuries ago, this double chambered ceramic bowl sure looks handy.  Ergonomically sensitive,  the Ooma bowl rests comfortably in your one hand leaving your second hand free for rippin’, dippin’ and...