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Star Wars Ice Cubes

16 Ice Cube Trays That Are Anything But Square (list)


Not much thought goes into ice cubes at a party, but you’d be surprised at how much shaped ice cube trays can really spruce up the atmosphere! Not only do they serve as a talking piece for guests, but you’ll party will go down in history as that one party...

batman ice cube tray

Serve Bruce Wayne Worthy Drinks With Batman-Shaped Ice


Bruce Wayne and his billionaire friends would in Gotham City would appreciate their drinks served with Batman-shaped ice cubes and now you can pretend you’re hosting Gotham’s finest at your own parties or gatherings with this Batman Ice Cube tray. With these unique ice cubes, you’re party will be the...

Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray

Serve Cold Drinks With The Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray


Nothing beats a cold drink, wherever you are in the universe. We bet even the crew of the Starfleet Enterprise appreciated an ice cold beverage every now and then. We’re sure the would have liked to have entered Deep Space Nine with a cold-brewed Raktajino in their hands that featured some...

superman ice cubes

Make Super Ice With The Superman Ice Cube Tray


The Man of Steel is no joke and is one of the most powerful superheroes out there. Add some fun to your beverages by creating super ice cubes with this quirky  Superman Ice Cube Tray from ThinkGeek. Clark Kent would definitely want to use these trays for any of his parities...


iPhone App Ice Cube Tray is the Perfect Compliment to an Appletini


There are no shortage of fun and quirky ice cube trays.  Case in point are the AK-47 Ice Cube tray and the recently featured Skull Ice Cube Tray.  Now you can add the  iCubes Ice Cube Tray to your freezer. Unfortunately, I can’t tell what variety of apps are imprinted on...

Handgun Ice Cube Tray

Handgun Ice-Cube Tray Fires Your Cocktails Cold


Guns kill people.  Dead people are cold.  And hence the Fred & Friends Freeze Handgun Ice-Cube Tray…right?  Okay, crappy sequitur aside, this ice cube tray will surely play excellent complement to the AK-47 Ice Cube Tray, provided of course you already bought one of those. The tray is made from food safe...

Death Star Ice Cube Tray

Death Star Ice Cub Tray “Forces” You to Drink


You’d be really silly to buy that super expensive spherical ice ball maker thingee, especially since it costs a ridiculous amount of money, and you can have something way cooler for just $10! So I’m still a big fan of the stainless steel ice cubes, the AK-47 ice cube tray,...

Polar Ice Cube Trays

These Ice Cube Trays Mold Floating a Floating Penguin and Polar Bear


The Spherical Ice Cube maker is great and all, but damn if it’s expensive.  So pardon us if we defer you to these wonderfully cute and inventive Polar  Ice Cube Trays. Instead of using the traditional tray, this ice cube maker uses a cup like design.  The caveat is that...