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2015 Genesis Works With Google Glass

Hyundai 2015 Genesis Will Work With Google Glass


Hyundai is taking car technology to new levels with their 2015 Genesis that will allow owners to connect to their vehicle using wearable devices like Google Glass. Their cloud-based Blue Link platforms allows for features like remote start and service information accessible via Google Glass and other similar devices. The Blue...


Kia Rio Review (2012)

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Heading out onto the open road can sometimes feel like brushing your teeth; you just don’t wanna do it. However, if you’re lucky enough to own a relatively new car, which are generally replete with the latest and greatest creature comforts, it can make the drive far less painless and...

Hyundai 70-inch Tablet

Hyundai 70-inch Tablet


This is Hyundai’s giant 70-inch touchscreen table.  The deets are few and far between.  In fact, they’re pretty much devoid of any existence.  But one thing is for sure: it looks like a giant iPhone 4.  No? We do know that is supports multitouch, can display a full HD picture,...


Hyundai Genesis Apple Vehicle


Hyundai, a long time struggling car company, is finally starting to emerge from the subprime demographic. This year they introduced the Hyundai Genesis, a high end sedan equitable in comfort and luxury to a Lexus at a fraction of the price. Now they’ve teamed up with RIDES magazine and have...