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BMW i3

First Deliveries for BMW i3 EV Start January 2014


BMW has announced that its new i3 will begin its first deliveries come January 2014 and be priced at about $35,000, which many thought would be somewhere in the ballpark of $35,000-$40,000 for the fully EV plug-in. Europe will begin deliveries in November for the fully electric version of BMW’s...


Volkswagen Introduces CrossBlue; a Diesel-Hybrid


Volkswagen has unveiled an exciting new car concept: the CrossBlue, a mid-size, seven-seater SUV with innovative diesel-electric plug-in hybrid powertrain. With an estimated fuel economy of 35 mpg combined, 89 mpg in electric mode, the CrossBlue – unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show – is being developed specifically for...


The XR3 3-Wheeled Hybrid Vehicle Is All Future


Take a dash of Delorean, a little bit of the AutoMoto and some Bat Mobile and what do you get?  The XR3 3-wheeled hybrid vehicle.  Currently sold as a kit car, the diesel/electric engined vehicle is heading to production.  The driver has the choice of which propulsion system to engage...


F-Cell Roadster: A Wagon Wheel Fuel Cell Concept Car Mashup


How many automotive design students does it take to build a wagon wheeled fuel cell powered car?  150.  I don’t really get it, but since it juxtaposes 19th century technology against a Formula F1 racing body it’s worth mentioning, right?  Practicality aside – better yet, impracticality aside, the Mercedes Benz...


ELV Motors Shows Off 180MPG Hybrid Scooter: VKM 50

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It goes without saying: times are tough for Americans right now.  We’re all boot strapped and even though the price per barrel of oil is going down gasoline isn’t.  The VKM 50, ELV’s latest hybrid scooter manages a surreal 180MPG thanks to it’s 49cc gas powered electric engine.  Top speed...