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archery slingshot

The Archery Survival Slingshot Will Help You Hunt Game


The humble slingshot is one of the first projectile weapons invented by man, and it’s still one of the more space-efficient ways to fire something at something else, really fast. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few technological improvements, as the Archery Survival Slingshot shows. Straight And True...


M4 Tactical Crossbow Uses A Red Dot Sight To Find Targets


The crossbow is one of those devices that changed the course of human history. Using a bow and arrow requires strength, training, skill, and experience, and was often taught from birth. Using a crossbow requires mostly having a crossbow and some arrows; while there’s definitely skill and knowledge involved in...

Garmin Astro DC 40

Astro DC 40: Hunting Dog GPS Collar


Hunt much?  Dogs are a great companion for the sport, but lose sight of a pooch and you might have a hard time locating the fallen pray.  Fear not, technology, GPS to be specific, is here once again to cheat save the day.  The Garmin Next-Generation Astro GPS Dog Tracking...