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Dyson Humidifier

Dyson Humidifier Uses Ultraviolet Light To Clean Your Air

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Dyson is known for creating some of the most technologically advanced fans around and now they’re entering the humidifier market with their first model dubbed the Hygienic Mist. Just like all of their other products, the humidifier features great looks and a unique design that’ll help you overcome your wintertime...


William Ultrasonic Humidifier Is Very Handsome


Winter is fast approaching, and with it come the staples of the holiday season. You know what I’m talking about – massive overindulgence in every habit known to man, including the turning way up of every heater in the house. But one only need to look at deserts and other...


Middle Colors Humidifier Aroma Diffuser


Looking like something you might find on an alien planet, this humidifier slash aroma diffuser could be more of a gadget of want rather than need.  Designed by Hironao Tsuboi, this off world tear drop spouts a mist and has an ambient LED to keep your senses invigorated. You can...


USB Beer Can Humidifier By Green House


Anybody looking for weird and obscure USB gadgets this holiday season may want to check this out.   It’s a mini-USB humidifier that’s shaped like some weird Japanese beer can.  When those long stints at your computer leave you exceptionally dry, this may be the perfect solution. Using this mini-humidifier is...


Personal Humidifier Uses Water Bottles


In the dry months some will argue that the key to staying healthy is a humid atmosphere.  Unfortunately, it’s totally impractical to lug around a humidifier, that is until now.  The Personal Humidifier accepts standard water bottles and uses ultrasonic technology to turn its contents into a cool and rejuvenating...