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10 Reasons to Get Hulu Plus


Considering whether or not to get Hulu Plus? Here are the top reasons to consider the TV streaming app and all of its glorious content, from original shows to different ways to save on the service.   1. Current Show Paradise Finding current shows online can be a bit of...


What is Hulu Plus?

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[ view example at: ]What is Hulu Plus? Hulu Plus is a video streaming service. Using an Internet connection, it can stream TV shows and movies directly to your device, without the need to purchase them permanently. It is of the major streaming services that compete with similar services...


Netflix vs. Hulu Plus: The Rematch in 2014 (comparison)


It’s been a while since Gadget Review’s first comparison of Netflix to Hulu Plus. In fact, it’s been over two years. A lot has happened since then. Both streaming video services have delved into original content creation. Netflix has “House of Cards,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “The Killing.”...


How To Quit Cable And Continue Watching All Your Shows (how to)


In the wake of the CBS/Time Warner Cable dispute, many families are reevaluating their cable providers, and it’s no secret that more and more homes are foregoing their cable subscriptions altogether—last week the LA Times reported the pay-TV industry lost 217,000 subscribers in one quarter. It might seem like an...

Or, you know, not.

Hulu Can’t Commit, Flightily Returns To Its Current Owners


Hulu would seem to be the ideal streaming service. It’s got support from multiple broadcast networks and their partners. It sells advertising. It’s streaming seasons of “Cheaters”. But the streaming network just seemingly can’t crack the code that Netflix has, and as a result, is struggling to find the same...

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Is Fan TV the Ultimate Set Top Box?


Eschewing the traditional cable box experience is no easy feat.  Google attempted it with their Google TV, Apple simply provides a box to connect to their iTunes Stores, and while the Xbox One has grandiose plans to become the de facto box in your living room, it likely won’t happen...