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New Trailer for the Next Wolverine Film Appears (video)


Ironman 3 just exploded into cinema’s this past weekend and ratched up a new box office record. ┬áSuperman “Man of Steel” follows in the coming months, and while I whole heartedly believe that will be the best comic book movie will see this year, the new Wolverine flick, aptly titled...

The Wolverine

The Wolverine International Trailer (video)

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[GR]WEbzZP-_Ssc[/GR] Wolverine can’t heal?! What nonsense is this? The man has a healing factor. I once saw the old man who’s “the best at what he does” completely heal himself from burns so severe all that remained was his adamantium-laced skeleton. I sh*t you not. It was in an X-Men...

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