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Win-Star USB Hub

Win-Stars 10 Port USB Hub

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Resembling a popular retro gaming console, the Win-Stars 10 Port USB Hub is a 2.0 backwards compatible hub with a data transfer rate of up to 480Mbps.  Using a 5V/2A power adapter, the hub is capable of working with Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X or later. Available in...


HuBox USB Hub And Storage Container


I have a Belkin USB Hub that is kind of like this one.  Combining a small storage box with a USB hub and a card reader is exactly what this is.  Good for keeping memory cards and other small gadgets out of eye sight, the USB hub called HuBox, has...


Thanko 80 Port USB Hub Is More Like A USB City


The girl in the picture can’t even believe this USB monstrosity.  Costing over $200, you can’t even power this through your computer it runs so hot.  I can’t see the practicality of something like this but I have no doubts that someone else will.  I wanna see one of these...


Not So Happy Hour At The Space Bar


In what I would consider a flawed design in concept and execution, the Space Bar is a USB Hub/Keyboard Hider that most of us can easily do without.  My problem with the design is that while every once in a while you’ll want to plug one of your USB devices...


Verizon Hub Meets End Of Life


It was just this past February when Verizon officially put their Hub touchscreen VoIP device up for sale.  At the time it required a 2-year contract and $200 to get aboard, which is and was one of the many barriers to the device’s success.  ‘Was’ I say?  That’s right, the...