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Philips Dual Remote

Philips DUAL Is A Keyboard, Remote Hybrid


This is Philips latest remote, the DUAL. On one side is a regular old remote control and the other is a full QWERTY keyboard. We assume it’s largely aimed at folks running an HTPC, and would like to negate the keyboard and standard IR remote from their living room. Bluetooth...


Tranquil’s T7-MP2 & ixVL Are Powerful HTPCs


Tranquil, a UK based PC manufacturer (how novel!) has announced via their blog two new HPTCs. The T7-MP2 runs on an Atom CPU and NVIDIA’s Ion GPU for smooth HD playback, with HDMI output for connecting it to your big fancy HDTV. It supports up to 1TB storage, as well....

Moneul Xbox 360 HTPC

Moneual HTPC Looks Oh So Xbox 360


For those looking for a HTPC to sit alongside their Xbox 360 stylistically, Moneual has the PC for you! The MiNEW M11 appears to be a close cousin to the game console, but this is for video only, folks. Specs include a 2.93GHz Pentium E6500 processor, 2GB of RAM, and...

Pegatron HTPC

Pegatron Shows Off Wood Finished Home Theater PC


Home Theater PC’s offer a great, cheap way to watch streaming content on your HDTV, and Pegatron is offering a slick new option with their as yet-unnamed small HPTC. It has a slick bamboo finish, HDMI output, Ethernet, as well as microphone and speaker inputs. With NVIDI’s Tegra 2 chip,...

Amulet-Chrome Remote

Amulet Voice Controlled Remote


I’m still not sold on voice control…in any product.  But for those who are handicapped or lack the necessary dexterity to change the channel it might just be a God send.  The Amulet Remote, which is apparently on their second iteration, is a voice activated remote that can control your...

GlideTV remote

GlideTV Navigator: Looks Like An Ashtray Cover


For those of you that have a computer hooked up to your home theater full time, the new GlideTV Navigator is designed with you in mind. The palm sized wireless remote can take you away from a bulkier wireless keyboard you might have been using and looks much more at...


CyberPower LAN Mini H20 PC–A Tiny Fluid Monster Box


Now here’s a monster machine for you, folks–if you’re looking for a hot, sweet Mini LAN rig that is both so hot and so sweet that it requires water coolant, then the CyberPower LAN Mini H2O is exactly what you’ve got in mind. This beauty comes with your choice of...