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Samsung Galaxy S4 11 features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Announced, Clarified


So while I don’t know when the Galaxy S4 will actually show up at your door step, I can tell you that preorders for the device will start on April 16th from carrier AT&T. For the sum of $249.99, and with a 2-year contract, you’ll score 32GB of storage, and...

Samsung Galaxy S4 specs leak

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs Leaked Ahead of Today’s GS4 Event


There’s a major event brewing–percolating with rich bold flavored intel. You guessed it! It’s the Samsung Galaxy S4 event where we hope to hear much and more about the enlarged mobile device. Most in rumor country have speculated the successor to last year’s knockout Samsung Galaxy S4 will see little...


HTC One Meta Review

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Samsung and Apple are, needless to say, best in show when it comes to smartphones.  The S3 has run circles around other Android competitors when it comes to sales figures, and Apple continues to throw a serious punch with their iterative updates and easy to use and efficient operating system.  Buried beneath...

Nexus One Launched Into Space

Nexus One Launched Into Space On CubeSat


  While other smartphones can only dream of traveling where no man has gone before, Google’s Nexus One can finally claim the distinction of being the first mobile phone to launched into low earth orbit. Developed by Surrey Satellite Technology and the University of Surrey’s Surrey Space Center, the STRaND-1...


iPhone 5 Review


It is the smartphone. Apple spent plenty of time and money acquiring the name, and for good reason. It’s the most well-known and, often, the most desired phone. There’s a reason it’s the “iPhone 5 review”, not “Apple iPhone 5 review”. When people who aren’t up to date on mobile technologies...