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HTC One M8 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 (comparison)


Several OEMs have released their flagship devices in the past few months. Back at the Mobile World Congress in February, Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, released their flagship Galaxy S5. Month after its unveiling, HTC also took the stage, and unveiled their primary flagship device for the year dubbed...


HTC One M8 vs iPhone 5S (comparison)


Recently, HTC unveiled their highly rumored HTC One M8 at a press event in New York. The handset is without a doubt one of the best handset available, but how does it stack up against the competition? There are many new flagship devices from many OEMs, Samsung with their Galaxy...


8 Must Have Holiday Gifts for HTC One Owners (list)


Don’t stress trying to come up with the perfect gift for your HTC One obsessed family member or friend ’cause we have the ultimate gift guide of accessories for the highly popular Android smartphone. Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffer or luxury gifts for your best pal, our list features...

HTC Smartphone Stops A Bullet

HTC Smartphone Stops A Bullet, Saves A Man’s Life


Who would have ever thought that a smartphone could be life saving…literally? A Florida gas attendant’s life was saved by his HTC smartphone during a recent holdup by gunpoint in an Orlando suburb. A man looking to rob the gas station walked in yesterday morning at 4;45 am and showed...


Microsoft Wants HTC’s Android Phones To Also Carry Windows Phone


Windows Phone is struggling to achieve market share in the cutthroat, highly competitive world of mobile operating systems. Well, OK, “competitive” is the wrong word when Apple and Google control most of the market. But Microsoft is looking for any advantage… including getting HTC to start making dual-boot phones. Two...

HTC one vs iPhone 5s

iPhone 5S vs. HTC One (spec comparison)


Time for another smartphone deathmatch spec comparison… This time it’s the iPhone 5S versus the HTC One. The iPhone 5S is Apple’s flagship smartphone.  The iPhone 5C is for the slightly budget conscious and or, in my estimation, teenagers and young adults who crave color and plastic… it’s basically the iPhone...

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The HTC One Max Leaks, And It’s A Big Boy


Why, precisely, the phablet is popular, or at least popular enough to merit more than one on the market, is completely beyond me. Well, not completely, I suppose, but they’re a bit of “neither fish nor fowl” when it comes to form factors. And even by that standard, the HTC...