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Valve and HTC Announce Vive VR Headset


Breaking news: Valve has both promised and planned the release of a product! We’ve been hearing about Valve’s plans for a VR headset of some kind for many months, but now the official announcement is here for a headset called Vive, the result of a partnership with HTC. Yes, Valve...

Nexus 9 Tuesdays: Half Price Through HTC


Holy tablet deals, Batman! HTC has announced a new promotion scheme for the Nexus 9 mini-tablet, and it’s a big one: From now until around Christmas time, the company will offer the Nexus 9 at half price, $199, one day per week, directly from its website. That 50% cut is...


Moto X vs Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8 (comparison)


Earlier this month, Motorola unveiled the new Moto X, a successor to their flagship device revealed last summer. Just like its predecessor, the new Moto X packs top-of-the-line specifications, with some exciting new features and customizations. The new Moto X comes with more customization options through Moto Maker with leather...

HTC One m8

HTC One M8 vs OnePlus One (comparison)


HTC One M8 made its way to the market a few weeks back, but it’s not the only flagship device which has caught the attention of the mobile market. OnePlus’s first handset is also dubbed as the One, which brings Cyanogenmod as its operating system, along with spectacular specifications, and...