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HTC One Max Review


Ooo and they were so close! I read the reports and analyzed the sales figures… Yet despite better judgment, even I was rooting for underdog HTC to rise from the ashes of poor device sales and continue on to compete shoulder-to-shoulder with “The House That Jobs Built” and camp Samsung....

HTC One Mini-002

HTC One Mini First Impression: Small Isn’t a Sacrifice


spent sometime with AT&T’s HTC One Mini today. To be candid it’s the first Android I’ve used that includes “carrier bloatware”.  All of my other Android handsets and tablets that I’ve used have been pure Google (i.e. Nexus edition). So what I expected was a slower, more cumbersome UI. However,...


HTC One Mini to hit AT&T stores exclusively Aug. 23


AT&T has announced the HTC One Mini, a more compact version of the HTC One, will be available exclusively from AT&T starting on Friday. The HTC One Mini’s screen is a smaller 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 display at 720p/341 PPI resolution. To compare, the HTC One has a slightly larger...

HTV One vs HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini Vs. HTC One (comparison)


Yesterday we took a brief look at the PR HTC released for the reduced size HTC One Mini. The unit is finally getting official specs and a taste of a release date. It truth, it looks very much like a the HTC One’s smaller doppleganger. It sports similar industrial design,...


HTC One Mini Available September 2013

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My love for the HTC One is well known and repeatedly documented. Several ed. pieces are often “enthusiastically” referenced by One-naysayers. We like to make things easy for our readers, even ridicule. Interestingly, HTC has a similar idea. Like myself, many have salivated over the HTC One and it’s unibody...

HTC One Mini

Here is the Leaked HTC One Mini


According to Engadget, this is the HTC One Mini, the smaller brother to the One.  Yes, the image above is blurry, but the info is said to come from a “trusted source”, and despite the poor quality of the photograph, I’m inclined to agree. So what’s known about the diminutive version...