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HTC One Max Review


Ooo and they were so close! I read the reports and analyzed the sales figures… Yet despite better judgment, even I was rooting for underdog HTC to rise from the ashes of poor device sales and continue on to compete shoulder-to-shoulder with “The House That Jobs Built” and camp Samsung....


5 of the Best Phablet Phones of 2013 – Which Giant is Worth Your Money? (list)


In 2013, the mobile market experienced a tremor that it never felt before. Manufacturers were producing tablet-phone behemoths left and right. Overwhelmed by a stampede of giants, consumers found themselves lost when choosing which phablet to buy. This article showcases a few of those giants that outstandingly stood out from...

HTC One Max

HTC One Max Official, Fingerprint Scanner and 5.9-inch Screen


So after numerous leaks, here is the official HTC One Max.  It’s not much to write home about, but that’s because it’s largely (pun intended) a bigger version of the HTC One. On board is the same 1080p screen, though it’s now been injected with growth hormone bringing the size...

Nexus 4 vs Samsung S4 Google Edition-004

7 of the Most Anticipated Phones of 2013: Are They Worth Your Money? (list)

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From the iPhone 5S to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 2013 is indeed closing with a buzz as a plethora of exciting handsets flood the market. Elated and curious about their features, rumors and leaks are popping up here and there – everywhere. However, will these devices prove to be...


HTC Rumored to Be Releasing One Max, a 6-inch Phablet


Phablets, otherwise known as a smartphone that mated with a tablet, may not be the most popular of devices amongst consumers, but it’s a segment that is rapidly growing.  Apple has steered clear of the space – they conceded to the iPad Mini, though – while LG, Samsung and Sony...