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HTC T-Mobile HD7

HTC HD7 Review


[Rating: 2.5] HTC’s HD7 is the second Windows Phone 7 device I’ve had the pleasure of testing, and it’s vastly different in form and function from the Samsung Focus, my previously tested WP7 handset. The HD7 is bigger, bolder, and on T-Mobile instead of Ma Bell. It’s HTC’s current flagship...

HD7 Sideview

First Look: HTC HD7 (video) (update)


[GR]YhYHwWMWQEQ[/GR] Update: Checkout our HTC HD7 review. HTC’s HD7 is one of their first two Windows Phone 7 devices, and the first WP7 device for T-Mobile. As you have seen in the video above, the HD7 is a big phone with it’s 4.3″ screen, and as far as I’ve seen,...


T-Mobile’s Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 (update)

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Update: Checkout our HTC HD7 review. Among the first smartphones using the Windows Phone 7 platform is the HTC HD7. The short of the technical specs is a 1GHz processor, large 4.3-inch display, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, TeleNav GPS Navigator, 8 or 16 GB internal storage and a 5 megapixel camera with...

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