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HP’s Slate Is Alive After All


We know all about the PalmPad now (or at least, a little about it), but word has come out that HP’s Windows 7 tablet, the Slate, is still alive and kicking. So yes, there will be both a Slate and a PalmPad, and it looks like both will be getting...

HP Slate

Rumor: HP’s PalmPad To Have Stylus Support


Just yesterday we told you about HP’s “PalmPad” trademark, and now new details are leaking out that make this tablet even more enticing. According to the same source that leaked both the tablet’s existence and name trademarking, the “PalmPad” (a tentative title) will include digital pen support along with the...

HP Slate

The HP Tablet Saga Continues: “Palmpad” Trademark Registered


The saga of HP’s tablet continues. HP has filed a trademark for the “Palmpad,” which is quite the evidence that a Web OS tablet is arriving sometime within the next year. The trademark states that the name is for Computers, computer hardware, computer software, computer peripherals, portable computers, handheld and...


Rumor: HP Slate To Run Windows 7 After All?


If you recall, we’ve been speculating on the future of HP’s Slate for a few months now, wondering if the tablet would be running Windows 7 or HP’s recently acquired WebOS. It looks like we may finally have an (unofficial) answer, as a page about the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference...


HP Mini 110 & 210 Get Processor & RAM Upgrades


Two of the most popular netbooks on the market, the HP Mini 110 & 210 HD, have gotten a small but significant boost today with the addition of Intel Atom N455 and Atom 475 CPU options. The 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455 is now the standard CPU option for the netbooks, with...


The HP Mini 100e Is A Netbook For Students


The lack of good education for kids worldwide is something we should be very concerned about. Back before Facebook and a million other distractions online, I remember computers being used to teach me a lot of valuable skills I still know to this day. So it’s nice to see that...


HP’s ZR30w Gets Fully Detailed, Still Green


Hey, remember that HP ZR30w monitor we talked about recently? Oh, it was just yesterday? Well, in a bid to stay ahead of the game, we hit that news before we could get an official PR with all the specs — and boy, is this thing pretty in almost every...


HP’s ZR30w LCD Monitor Is Environmentally Sound


At first glance, HP’s new ZR30w 30-inch LCD screen looks nice, but not incredibly impressive, like a million other LCD monitors before it. But there are some specs going on here that are pretty impressive if you’re environmentally conscious. It’s got a low power consumption, and its aluminum-clad chassis is...


HP Slate Still Being Released This Year, But With What OS?


With HP’s recent acquisition of Palm, rumors began flying that the HP Slate, the company’s anticipated tablet, was being delayed and retooled to run on webOS instead of Windows 7. This rumor was fueled by reports that Windows 7 was not fit for a tablet. (Battery life was unacceptable, primarily.)...


HP Now Shipping Their Updated Envy 17


The HP Envy 17, part of the newly revamped Envy lineup we talked about a couple weeks,  is now officially shipping from HP’s website. The Envy 14 is not yet available, but the Envy 13 that’s being discontinued still appears to be for sale. The revamped Envy series feature backlit...