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GR Daily Deals: MacBook Air 13 Sale, Wii U Discounts, Oh My!


The consumer favorite Apple MacBook Air 13 base model has two notable sales today. The best deal is via eBay on a Certified Apple Refurbished machine for only $899 – the lowest price we’ve ever seen by $75, and a whopping $300 off the Apple Store price. The next best...


GR Daily Deals: FTL $4 and a 23-inch IPS monitor for $150


Star Trek meets FireFly in the popular Faster Than Light PC Indie game. Today only GoG has it for $3.99. That’s the lowest price ever by $1 and $6 off the usual $9.99 price. Unlike some recently released games [*cough* SimCity *cough*] there’s no online only hassle since this is...