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Skylake Gaming Desktop Available for Purchase at HP


Feels like every time we turn around Intel’s releasing a new processor architecture. This fall marks the debut of the latest. Dubbed “Skylake”, the successor to the Broadwell architecture offers the holy grail of better CPU and GPU performance while reducing power consumption. So if you’ve held off on purchasing...

HP Sprout

The HP Sprout: The PC Solution for Creatives


HP has always been innovative (they’ve been banging on the smartwatch door since 1977, you know), and now the company has proven itself once again as a leader in innovation by introducing the HP Sprout, an extremely unique PC workstation solution for those that love to create. The Sprout combines elements of...


HP Unveils a Budget-Friendly HP 7 Plus for $99


The competition in the budget tablet market is increasing day-by-day. Recently, HP unveiled its budget-friendly HP 7 Plus, targeting the budget-conscious users. The tablet comes with entry-level specifications, but with an attractive $99 price tag, which is well worth the features it offers. HP 7 Plus comes with a 7-inch...


HP’s New Chromebook Is Pretty, But Dumb


Chromebooks are somewhat controversial because they put the ideas espoused in browser-based operating systems to the ultimate test; day-to-day use. And honestly, they’ve been more a curiosity than anything else. HP and Google are hoping to change that with their new Chromebook, but honestly, they’re not bringing much to the...

Samsung Series 9 SB971

Samsung Introduces Premium Series 9 SB971 Monitor


Is there really a market for $1000+ monitors that are not 4K. Apparently so. We reviewed one such marvel just a few months back. While it was all that it purported to be–99% Adobe RGB, pitch perfect color accuracy 1440p native display resolutions and such–it high priced high-priced nibble that...