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How to Use iTunes Match (how to)


When Steve Jobs introduced iTunes ten years ago, it changed the world. But not without having to drag the record labels kicking and screaming to it. But a decade later, the music industry has been reborn and downloads are common place. And, as Steve Jobs predicted, people who want their...

iPhone 4 Water

How to Save Your iPhone from Water (how to)


You’d be surprised how often it happens. You’re checking your email or updating your Facebook page on your iPhone and nature calls. You walk in, lift the lid and kerplunk! The iPhone is sitting at the bottom of the toilet laughing at you. It’s almost as if there’s a micro...

pop-up photo diorama

How To: Pop-up Photo Diorama


Sure, gadgets are the mainstay of what we do, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from the new and go old school.  Photojojo has a great turtorial on how to build your on pop-up photo diorama.  It’s super simple and will probably get many more comments for time...