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21 Flicks and TV Shows To Satisfy Your Comic Con Cravings On Netflix (list)


It’s a huge weekend in San Diego as die-hard fans make their way to to Comic-Con to experience all their geeky fantasies. But if you’re not ¬†one of the lucky ones to make your way down there, heres’s your 2013 Guide to everything Comic-Con that’s currently streaming on Netflix. Get...


25 of the Best TV Show Serials Streaming on Netflix as of January 2013 (list)


We successfully survived the first month of 2013 and to celebrate, why not take in some “me” time by getting hooked on some of the best TV series shows that are now streaming on Netflix?! 25. American Horror Story The horror drama¬†explores humankind’s unsettling capacity for evil. This darkly twisted...

Netflix Top TV Show for 2012

45 of the Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix for 2012 (list)


Thanks to Netflix, you can now watch tons of shows you wish you caught up with in the beginning or simply watch your favorite shows all over again, right from the beginning! Here’s one huge list of some of the best TVs that are now streaming on Netflix. Some are...

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Netflix Weekend Must Watch: 10 Movies and TV Shows Streaming on Netflix as of December 14, 2012 (list)


Another long-awaited weekend has approached us…TGIF! So if you don’t have holiday parties to attend or family functions to go to, stay home and relax…and watch some flicks on Netflix. Instead of going through the entire selection, we’ve made is easy on you and compiled some must-watch movies and TV...