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Hendo’s Hover Tech: Make Your Own Hoverboard


We’ve been pursuing the hoverboard dream for years now (most of us can’t quit believing thanks to those scenes from Back to the Future II), but now a venture called Hendo has decided that it’s time for humanity to finally catch up with its movies and give people the tech...


Flying Hoverboard Lets You Shred The Waves (video)


Ever since Back To The Future 2, we’ve all wished hoverboards were real. Now, they are (sort of). French jet ski champ Franky Zapata – the man behind the Flyboard personal watercraft – has worked his aquatic genius talents to come up with the flying Hoverboard. The new aquatic device...


Levitron: Float any Object (video)


Collect small trinkets?  Are they piling up on your desk and you just don’t know which one to feature this week?  Boy, do we have the answer.  The Levitron Revolution.  This device, which is no larger than a cup warmer, uses “EZ Float Technology” to suspend your precious objects, that weigh...

Nike Air Mag

Nike Air Mag Sneakers (video)


Marty McFly’s sneakers in “Back to the Future 2″ we’re almost as cool as his Hoverboard.  And while we’re still awaiting a commercially available version of the flying skateboard, the good news is that Nike has teamed up with Michael J. Fox to produce 1,500 versions of the iconic sneaker, officially...


Back To The Future II Hoverboard Comes To Life (video)


The best part about Back to the Future II was the Hoverboard.  While totally viable from a technological standpoint no one had bothered to produce an actual prototype, until now. French designer Nils Guadagnin version looks to be to spec of the movie version complete with a pink, 80s rad...