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Cobb Smokeless Grill

A Smokeless Charcoal Grill


I’ve got no clue how the Cobb Premier Smokeless Grill works, but some how you can cook up to 3 hours on just 6-8 pieces of charcoal.  When I grill I generally use half the bag and at best I get about 45 minutes of cooking time.  Sounds like I’m...

Adjustable Grill Light

BBQ LED Grill Light


Summer is almost here and that means, sun, beach, beers and GRILLING…and hopefully girls in skimpy bikinis!  But there is nothing worse than over cooking that fine piece of meat.  This largely happens when you don’t have the proper lighting for night time cooking and the would be burgers turn...

Star Wars Night Light Lightsaber

Star Wars Night Light Lightsaber


I don’t know how many ways I can introduce another Star Wars product, but yes, here is yet another: the Lightsaber night light.  Much like a normal night light you plug it into your wall outlet, only this one looks and glows just like a real…errr…movie like Lightsaber.  And to...


LintAlert Effectively Keeps Dryer Fires On The Minimum


I’ve had a first hand experience with a dryer fire – my dog Bucky can attest to this since he still shakes when he hears a smoke detector.  Beyond the crazy statistics of over 40 dryers catching fire a day, lint is usually the cause.  To help combat this is...

Rock and Roll Jug Server

Roll n’ Pour Rocking Beverage Server


While the Roll n’ Pour rocking beverage server is a laughable product by most accounts, consider the implications for the elderly or those with mobility issues.  It’s a bit hard to tell from the pictures alone, but it looks like it only accepts half gallon jugs.  Thank God it’s only...

Index Chopping Boards-1

Index Chopping Boards Prevent Cross Contamination

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Mince garlic on a chopping board and in all likelihood any other food placed on that surface will have the same spicy flavor.  The Index Chopping Boards are specifically designed to avoid that problem by providing a chopping surface for four different food groups: raw meat, fish, onions and vegetables. ...

Solar Electrics Razor

Solar Electric Razor, Why Not


My skepticism meter tells me that the Solar Electric Razor probably won’t provide the closest of shaves, but hey, if you’re off the grid and in the wilderness than why not.  Placing the device in 8-12 hours of sunlight will guarantee a full charge....